A short teaser game for the upcoming indie horror game, The Bunny Graveyard

Are you brave enough to find all the codes?

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract it to play the game.

Warning: This game contains flashing lights, scary imagery and loud noises. It is not appropriate for people with photosensitive epilepsy.


4-1-1992.zip 58 MB

Development log


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How to make this game fullscreen? This game very smol by size of screen.


This game has made me even more excited for the full version of "The Bunny Graveyard"!

That wasn't easy is a riddles.

I cannot understand what others mean,All I can find are SWORD BUNNY and GRAVE

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Very interesting game by the way;>

Well Im playing on my school computer because Im broke so they blocked gaming on youtube so just tell me the codes O


psst wanna know a secret only people who read this will know reply if you want to know how to unblock everything on youtube

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in the url in the word youtube make it like this yout-ube its a dev shortcut


Cool game, bro!


I found this game, and i'm so happy I did! This game was an awesome puzzle and I can't wait for The Bunny Graveyard!  

Whats the password?

the numbers go from 0-26, just like the alphabet, try 5 letter words

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Major Spoilers down below! (Video included) Had a fun time with this :3


Thank you so much for your help! I wouldn't have been able to finish this awesome game without your video.


Not a prob, hope you also enjoy Bunneh Graveyard as I will >:O